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WATER is a USA based 501C-3 (since 2004) undertaking water, sanitation and climate change projects in Africa


Women gathering water in Ghana

What we do and why we do it


Water in Africa Through Everyday Responsiveness – WATER is a USA based 501C-3 (since 2004) which has been undertaking water and sanitation projects in Africa for over a decade. WATER does drilling, mechanizes boreholes, constructs latrines, educates communities to do maintenance and undertakes health and hygiene education. These projects are typically accompanied with other issues which are used as pointers to the communities in which we work. A specific disease is an example of this. Communities affected by climate change is another example. WATER has worked on issues such as Guinea Worm eradication in both Ghana and Nigeria and Buruli Ulcer control in Ghana. Its partners have included the Carter Center, WHO, UNICEF and Rotary International among others.  We also have ongoing partnerships with Pure Home Water, who manufactures low cost ceramic water filters and the John A. Kufuor Foundation.  His Excellency, John A. Kufuor is the former President of Ghana.  

Projects are usually done with both local and national government partners such as the Ghana Health Service. WATER is interested in climate change, because many of the water installations that have already been put in, are being affected by reduced borehole yields, which often occurs as a result of climate change.


WATER has implented and repaired hundreds of water systems and helped eliminate diseases in several countries

We have affected the spread of guinea worm, trachoma, buruli ulcer and other diseases in Ghana and Nigeria.  During 2018 we expect to impact communities affected by climate change, buruli ulcer, leprosy and yaws.  WATER founder Jim Niquette and Board Member Dr. Andrew Seidu-Korkor are pictured with President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter above.

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You can assist by giving or by contacting us if you are interested in working with us.  Our Board of Directors consists of 2 Medical doctors, a US citizen with 17 years experience in Africa and a former Miss World Beauty with a Purpose, Lamisi Mbillah.  Our Chairman, Mr. Minta Aboagye, is the former Director of Water (urban and rural) in Ghana.   Most of our current work is in Ghana, and we are always on the lookout for productive partnerships.  We also have associates we have worked with over the years in Nigeria.  We look forward to hearing from you, especially if your area of concern involves water, sanitation, disease control or climate change in Africa.  

Contact us at JNiquette@aol.com. We are in Africa.

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We are in Africa, so the hours of operation are normally GMT or 4-5 hours before EST in the USA or the same as London time if you are in Europe.     

Water In Africa Through Everyday Responsiveness

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Please contact via email atJNiquette@aol.com.  Or make check out to WATER and mail to the Lake Delton address.  Thank you.